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  2. The only place to have sex with a cool Japanese men

The only place to have sex with a cool Japanese men

english-lp-eyecatchThanks for coming.

You can have sex with two Japanese men here or You can have sex with three or more Japanese men.

You will be able to enjoy sex with Japanese men.

This is paradise here for you.That’s why this circle’s name is “Paradise”

The place to have sex is a hotel in Japan.
A detailed place to have sex is the hotel in Tokyo or near Narita airport.

Let ‘s meet the meeting place according to your circumstances as much as possible.

I gathered frequently asked questions from Japanese women.Please see the following items.

questions and answers


Can you contraception?

We always wear condoms when we have sex.This is a rule of circle.

Do you want to take pictures without permission?

We will not do as long as there is no hope for you.
We will take a picture if there is hope from you.

Can I have 1: 1 normal sex?

Of course I can.

I will have sex in a 1: 1 relationship when I first meet
After that, we will make plans to have sex with two Japanese men and sex for three Japanese men at a later date.

Can you speak English anyway?

Everyone can speak a little.

We can talk with body language as well.

Do you prevent sexually transmitted diseases?

Of course I am.

All men receive periodic medical examination once a month at monthly examinations.

Can I exchange photos before meeting?

Of course I can.

I will send it by email.or I can also send it on the line

Where is the place?

It is Tokyo or Near Narita Airport.

I will have sex at the city hotel.


If you click below to eliminate anxiety you can see pictures of the past that a Japanese woman enjoys sex with us.

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↑Please note that all words are in Japanese.

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You can apply for participation.

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If you do not understand, please contact this email address.sasaki-ado

Let’s enter it.